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The Term Shatter Refers To A Type Of Concentrate That Is Used For Dabbing. Concentrates Are The Result Of Extracted Thc From The Marijuana Plant To Create A Supremely Potent Product. Shatters Is Laid Out And Heated After Extraction To Create A Brittle, Glass-like Structure That Is Very Stable And Easy To Handle. shatter wax

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it is an extremely potent extraction of THC from flowers that has a high concentration of THC. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is created under rigorous conditions to create a clean byproduct through a process called Solvent Extraction. By mixing the flowers with a solvent (the most common being Butane) it is then extracted by filtering and evaporating the solvent, a sticky resinous liquid with terpenes and a strong herbal odor remains. shatter wax

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the undisputed king of potent extracts, if you’re looking for the highest THC content and cheap shatters weed for your dab rig this is what you want. No other extract will give you as fast and intense a hit of pure THC goodness as shatter will. shatter weed

If you’ve never tried it before you’re in for a treat but take it slow, this is potent stuff. Not suggested for daytime use unless you’re planning on staying in one place for a while and please don’t drive while high.WhitePalm has you covered we’re a premier marketplace to buy online in Cali with Terpene infused shatter, BHO, and Super Critical CO2 extracted shatter. shatter wax

With new brands of shatters online Cali all the time be sure to check back often to see what we have in stock. Shatter differs from other extracts in both appearance and content as it often is glass-like and golden in color which is achieved by using a chemical solvent to extract THC and other compounds from raw or cured cannabis.

Once the extraction has been completed the mixture then goes into a purging oven to remove the solvent via evaporation. It’s at this point that it also gets its brittle glass-like structure from where it gets its name. Different levels of heat, moisture in storage or large amounts of Terpenes can affect the consistency and color of shatter so it’s highly recommended that you store shatter in a cool dry place. shatter weed

We do not recommend storage in a fridge or freezer unless it’s in a sealed dry container like a Ziplock bag or Tupperware container. If humidity and wetness get in there it will soften it and make it really hard to work with.

What Is Shatter?

Shatters gets its name from the effects it gives the user. It will shatter your mind and get you stupidly stoned. This weed extract is not for the faint at heart.

JOKING! Shatters gets its name from its translucent glass-like quality. Premium shatter should shatter when it is being broken up for use.

The Different Quality Levels Of Shatters: Premium Cheap Shatters Online

Why does quality matter? Well, on a premium product the effects are much better and your health is protected! Just like any other product, shatter comes in many quality levels. From premium to “it’ll do the trick”.

As mentioned earlier, shatter is a one-of-a-kind powerful weed extract and is meant for dabbing or vaping.

Premium shatters come in a splendidly translucent color and also feature a golden hue. It legit looks like frozen solid honey with multiple degrees of transparency as well as color profiles.

shatters will typically be darker in color due to the process being a little looser. Meaning, extraction doesn’t happen at optimal temperature, and/or the plant material is aged a little bit. This doesn’t make it a bad product. It still does the job and is very affordable.

How To Smoke Shatters?

Smoking shatter is very easy. You either need a shatter rig or a dab pen. A dab pen is more convenient. A shatter rig can provide more potent effects because it can get much hotter.

What Does It Mean When Shatters Is Dark?

It could mean a variety of things and not all of them are bad! The myth that dark shatter is worse is a myth.

The older flower was being used Mature and better-developed trichomes are darker
Too much heat was used during the purging process The extract was left out to dry a little long

This is great information to have before buy shatter online in Canada.

Let’s start with the obvious: both are extracted from marijuana. Another obvious: shatter focuses on THC whereas rosin focuses on featuring the full profile of the strain. That includes all of the cannabinoids present and the terpenes too.

If you see a shatters that states it is full profile then they are infusing the shatter product with t

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